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How will I be billed?

You may receive multiple bills for specific parts of the service.

These bills may include charges for:

  • Professional services (exam, report and consult with referring physician) from Reno Radiological Associates
  • Professional services from other physicians if they were involved in your procedure
  • Hospital or facility service fees from Renown Health
  • Anesthesia fees, if anesthesia is needed to perform a procedure

We are required by law to bill separately for our services and cannot include our fees into any hospital bills.

We understand that receiving multiple bills for one visit can be confusing. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems please call us at 1-855-592-5264.

What will I owe?


To know what you will owe out-of-pocket will depend on if you have insurance and what type it is. Please talk to your insurance company to understand what is covered in your plan.

How do I pay my bill?

To simplify the process for our patients we offer online billing. To pay your bill, follow these steps

  1. Identify the bill from Reno Radiological Associates
  2. Locate your account number on the payment stub
  3. Click on ‘Pay My Bill’ at the top of this page. This will take you to our online billing portal
  4. Enter your account number, phone number, and date of birth
  5. Follow the steps on the site to complete your payment

To pay your Renown Health bill go to